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idea paper for cost effective production of green hydrogen

as part of our activities in the field of hydrogen, we are repeatedly confronted with the question of production at marketable prices.

the various discussions and the challenges that this new business area entails prompted us to write an idea paper that deals with the question of cost effective hydrogen production.

the paper covers the areas of the cost effective electricity generation, the grid connection of the renewable sources, their volatility and the bottlenecks in the electricity grid, as already existing today.

the objective is a suggestion in terms of the sustainability of materials already in use, but without blocking best locations with "old" technology for potential "repowering".

we hope to be able to give food for thought and look forward to hearing from you, as well as to further questions and discussions. you can reach us at: (subject keyword: idea paper) | the paper is available in German only..

Download PDF • 1.46MB


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