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at krecotec we offer engineering and consulting services along the value chain of hydrogen and renewable energy projects, always with a dedicated focus on power electronics - but we also go beyond...


... our products support the alignment of your solution and enable rapid customization.  

what we offer

IGBT driver boards

we develop customer specific driver boards to operate and integrate IGBT modules into your specific solution. 

Soldering circuit board

IGBT stacks

based on our in-house IGBT driver boards we offer IGBT stack for various topologies. we focus on bidirectional AC-DC stacks as well as DC-DC stacks with a power rating between 500 kW and 5 MW.

system integration

based on our experience we support you in system integration to unleash the full potential of our solution. 

we offer the full range from joint alignment of parameters to concept and system design.

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