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root cause analysis


our laboratory enables you to gain insights. we are setup the measure and analyse characteristics of IGBT modules and stacks as well as general electrical circuits. whether you are in need to replace a component or looking for an expert's opinion, krecotec has a solution for you. 

in-house lab testing, analysis and evaluation

double puls measurement

  • analysis of switching characteristics of IGBTs, MOSFETs, thyristors etc.

  • check of the safe operation area

  • measurements of switching losses

  • analysis of active clamping

  • OCP and/or Vce detection

analysis of IGBT modules and stacks

  • functional measurement of electrical circuits

  • measurement of voltages, currents and temperatures

  • evaluation of EMC design

  • isolation measurement up to 1.500V

  • pressure testing

  • root cause analysis

  • detailed report generation

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