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service overview

we at krecotec offer a variety of services to help you navigating trough various solutions available in the field of power electronics, power supply solutions and component selections. based on decades of industrial engineering we have the expertise to design, analyse and evaluate solutions from an independent perspective. 

we are experts for power electronics, especially in the field of renewable energy production and hydrogen.    

we help to find the optimal solution for power supply or grid integration. whether you need an inverter or a full medium voltage to DC connection - krecotec supports you, independently. 

specific engineering

at krecotec we develop solutions for you. in case you need to adjust your converter portfolio, looking for an engineering partner or require a specific component solution - reach out to us.

production as a service

we at krecotec go beyond our range of services and also offer production as a service. you need a small production batch or prototype production? we help together with our production partner.

krecotec has the expertise and capabilities to support you during the design process. no matter if you are looking for general system design support or need to create a specification.

you need to analyse and evaluate power electrical components such as IGBT stacks, MOSFET, thyristors or similar? krecotec offers an electrical lab testing to provide insights by our experts.

you did not find what you were looking for? reach out to us today to discuss your options.

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